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Snap Back Shuffleboard Tables - Summit - Pinnacle II

Snap Back is a Rebounding Shuffleboard Table that takes up only half the space of a regular game table. Snap Back shuffleboard especially designed for smaller areas and provides twice the fun in half the space. It is only 7 feet long and its snap-back action adds a new element of skill while playing like a long traditional shuffleboard table. Electronic score keeping makes keeping track of the game easier and they are available in two models including The Pinnacle II and The Summit.

metro snap back video View a video of the Snap Back shuffleboard in action.

pinnacle II snap back shuffleboard pinnacle brochure
The PINNACLE II is the finest rebound shuffleboard game table ever made. This shuffleboard has been taken to the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. This exceptional shuffleboard table offers the finest playfield made from 2 1/2 " solid maple in three cross-grain layered sections to ensure a consistent playing surface. Of course, the PINNACLE II comes with adjusting levelers for the playfield. The playing surface is finished in a thick "polymer" finish. The PINNACLE II is the table for the customer that requires the highest in quality and craftsmanship.


Environmentally-friendly LED lights provide energy-efficient illumination on the scoreboard.
Long-Lasting, Professional Quality Polymer Playing Surface.
Significantly Less Space.
High Quality MDF Cradle.
More Challenging Bank Shot.
All Scoring and Placement Action Visible Up Front.
Solid Maple Legs with leg levelers.
Patented Technology that Automatically Moves Weights From the Gutters to the Front of the Table
Dimensions are 7'L x 32"W x 48"H.

Pinnacle II Snapback Shuffleboard Table
Special Price - $2,475.00 plus shipping and handling. Call us at (985)-845-7146 to get a shipping quote or to order one of these tables.

summit snap back shuffleboard table The SUMMIT rebound shuffleboard table features solid Maple Cross-Grain Layered Playing Surface, takes up significantly less space and has a solid maple cradle with up front scoring and placement. The Summit features patented technology that automatically moves weights from the gutters to the front of the table. Electronic score board keeps up with scoring and long-lasting, professional quality polymer playing surface will make you feel like a pro.


* Playing surface is made of Chinese maple.
* Table is made of solid wood.
* Fashion and popular color: Espresso.
* Special and unique styling (about 7 feet long) provides same playing pleasure as the conventional long table.
* Easy installation: it is easy to install a table in less than half an hour.
* Environmental friendly: Special LED lights use less power.
* Packaging designed to protect table against damages during shipping and to make it easy to carry the table, even up a staircase.
* Dimensions are 7'L x 32"W x 48"H.

Summit Snapback Shuffleboard Table
Price - $2,975.00 plus shipping and handling. Call us at (985)-845-7146 to get a shipping quote or to order one of these tables.

summit coin operated snap back shuffleboard summit brochure
The SUMMIT coin operated rebound shuffleboard table has all the features of the standard Summit table as well as a unique blocking system that blocks the bumper to prevent the players from continuing play once the playing time runs out.


* Unique coin or bill op system.
* Smart coin or bill op system can easily turn standard model to fund generation commercial.
* Easy for owner to change the standard prices and game times.
* Standard setting: US$1.50 for 15 minutes; Additional US$0.50 for another 5 minutes.
* High ROI: Can get all of your investment back in 3-6 months if you buy the SUMMIT model together with coin or bill op system and locate it in a place of business.
* Secure Meter reading system: The system displays the number of coins inserted into the coin box and the accumulated game time since the previous time the coin box was emptied.
* Can be ordered to accept either coins or bills. Not both.
* Dimensions are 7'L x 32"W x 48"H.

Summit Coin Or Bill Operated Snapback Shuffleboard Table
Price - $3,995.00 plus shipping and handling. Call us at (985)-845-7146 to get a shipping quote or to order one of these tables.

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